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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

Regular vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to protect your investment. A proper tune up will extend the life of your vehicle, improve performance, and increase gas mileage. Keeping a vehicle running in top shape prevents or decreases costly repairs. To learn more about the care needed for your car, check your owner's manual or visit the AAMCO experts.

When should you get a tune up?

  • If gas mileage increases 10 percent or more
  • If you notice drivability issues
  • If the engine misfires
  • If the check engine light comes on
  • If the engine hesitates or stalls
  • If your car is hard to start
  • If your car has failed an emissions test

AAMCO’s tune up services include inspecting and adjusting each system that affects efficient fuel combustion, including:

  • New spark plug installation
  • Idle speed adjustment and set timing, if applicable
  • Inspection of throttle, linkage, spark plug wires, and distributor cap, if equipped
  • Comprehensive performance check to ensure drivability and performance
  • Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) of all your vehicle’s critical systems

Trust AAMCO’s team of experts to keep your vehicle running at its best. Visit AAMCO in Santa Rosa, CA.



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