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Brake Service and Repair Services

The professionals at AAMCO understand the need for reliable and affordable brake repair and service for Santa Rosa residents. When you choose AAMCO, we guarantee that our specialists will always ensure you leave our center with peace of mind and fully-functioning brakes.

Your brake system is one of the most critical safety features in your vehicle. When the braking system doesn’t work as designed, you’re not only putting yourself at risk, but your passengers and everyone else on the road as well. Faulty brakes can make it difficult to stop suddenly to avoid a collision. Faulty brakes can also lead to an unenjoyable driving experience. When brakes aren’t serviced, you may experience vibrations that can be felt when you push the brake pedal and hear squeaky sounds. These signs of impending brake failure are more than mere annoyances. They should be taken seriously and addressed right away. The sooner problems are fixed, the safer your vehicle will be to operate and the more money you’ll save.

Often, when people visit our center, they ask the same question, "What caused my brakes to fail?" Unfortunately, there isn’t just one answer. There are many reasons that brake problems occur. Here is a list of the most common factors that contribute to brake difficulties:

  • Worn pads and shoes
  • Calipers or wheel cylinders are not performing correctly
  • Wheel bearings need replacement or servicing
  • Insufficient lubrication of slides and mounting points
  • Rotor and drums require resurfacing or replacement
  • Certain other components may need a replacement
  • Parking brake require adjusting
  • Old brake fluid require replacement

Don’t put yourself at risk of accident or injury. Take care of brake problems right away. Trust the vehicle experts at AAMCO. Visit us today to or give us a call to learn more about our brake repair and brake service in Santa Rosa and our affordable pricing!



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