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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

In order for your vehicle to run as intended, it’s important that its battery is well maintained. A failing battery affects how well a vehicle starts and runs. Signs that your vehicle’s battery may need servicing include the following:

  • Cranks slowly
  • Change in performance during weather changes (hot to cold, cold to hot)
  • Consistently low battery

In cases like these, your truck or vehicle may need to have the battery recharged or replaced. The easiest way to know exactly what your vehicle’s battery needs is to bring it in to AAMCO in Santa Rosa, CA, for our free Initial Vehicle Check (IVC). Our experts will perform a complete charging system diagnosis to help you maintain your vehicle best.

Our battery maintenance service includes inspecting the following:

  • Battery load
  • Condition of the battery case
  • Alternator belt
  • Electrolyte level
  • Hardware
  • Battery connections
  • Brackets and connections

Our battery maintenance service also includes testing the voltage and current, inspecting the mounting and connections, and testing how much power is being used to get your vehicle to start. After the inspection is completed, our mechanics will make any recommendations for additional services, if necessary. At AAMCO, our experts have years of experience, so you can trust their diagnostic skills and recommendations to ensure you’re getting the best repairs.

Why should I check my battery periodically?

The answer is simple. Unlike other components of your vehicle’s mechanical system, batteries do not give warnings when they’re in danger of failure. Checking the state of your car or truck battery periodically makes it less likely you’ll be asking a stranger for a jump in the grocery store parking lot.

At AAMCO, we recommend replacing your battery every three years for optimal performance. However, all makes and models of vehicles have different recommended maintenance. Check your owner’s manual for more information and then call us when it’s time to schedule a charging diagnostic or battery service.



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